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Library Policies

The SBVC Library is committed to maintaining an environment conducive to serious and focused scholarship. Please help us in that effort by observing the following policies: 


Children in the Library:
The SBVC Library provides study and learning spaces that are safe for all its enrolled students and visitors. Parents or adult guardians of children who cause disturbances by crying, running, or making excessive noise will be asked to take their children outside. This is a safety issue as well as a disturbance for others seeking a space to learn in. Additionally, under no circumstances, will children be allowed into the library without their parents or adult guardians. "All children (with the exception of high school students who have been admitted to the Middle College program) must be accompanied by an adult while on campus. Children are not allowed in the classroom under any conditions and are not to be left unattended in any campus facility. Should this occur, the District Police will be notified immediately.” See the Campus Catalog 


Computers and Electronic Use Policies:
The San Bernardino Community College District has a Computer Use Policy (AP 3720) that all students and employees are expected to follow. These documents set the foundation for the following items: Ownership Rights, Privacy Interests, District Rights, System Abuse, Misrepresentation, Liability, Harassment, Commercial Use, Fair Use, Software Licensing, Exceptions, Network Access, Media, Social Networking, PDA, and Smartphone. These documents can be found on the District website at: under Board Policies and Administrative Procedures. 


Food and Drink in the Library: 
Because the SBVC Library is a public space and is focused on keeping the computer lab, its collections (like books), seating and studying areas clean and pest-free for all its users, we ask that you do not eat any food or bring your drinks (except if the containers have secure lids, like twist-offs) into the computer, study or book areas. Outside tables and benches are available, as is the Cafeteria. 


Noise in the Library: 
The SBVC Library provides a space supporting learning and quiet concentration for all members of the college community and visitors. For groups of 2 to 8 people, there are group study rooms where discussion and learning are encouraged. Outside tables, and seating are provided by the college and are areas where cell phones, music, and enthusiastic conversation are welcomed! 


The Library Mission Statement:
 “In conjunction with the statement of mission of our parent institution, San Bernardino Valley College, which accepts as its educational responsibility the fostering of learning and personal growth for the people of the community we serve, the Library sees as its primary goal the support of the academic programs of San Bernardino Valley College. Through its professional and paraprofessional staff, the Library shall provide a wide range of learning resources at varying levels of difficulty, with diversity of appeal and the presentation of different points of view, to meet the needs of students and instructors.” 


Collection development is required by the accreditation standards of the Accrediting Commission of California Junior and Community Colleges (ACCJC), a branch of the Western Association for Schools and Colleges (WASC) Accreditation Commission.  It is the means by which the Library provides an organized collection of print and non-print resources that will meet institutional, curricular research, and instructional requirements, as well as supporting the development of the lifelong habit of reading.  This also ensures that the cultural and personal enrichment needs of the college community are met.  Collection development is achieved by librarians, administrators, faculty, staff, and students working together to select library materials which best fulfill the above-stated needs.” 



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